Listening to R.E.M.

Went to a dinner party last night and started listening to some vinyl. R.E.M.’s Murmur was discovered, dusted off and played. Such great music. It takes me back to high school and long afternoons spent in a best friend’s bedroom, daydreaming, talking, dancing.

It is good, on occasion, to go back.

Some favorites:
World Leader Pretend – GreenSitting Still – Murmur
Driver 8 – Fables of the Reconstruction
Man on the Moon – Automatic for the People
Near Wild Heaven – Out of Time
And, of course,
It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) – Document

I’m Not Broken

I still get very high and very low in life. Daily. But I’ve finally accepted the fact that sensitive is just how I was made, that I don’t have to hide it and I don’t have to fix it. I’m not broken.

Glennon Doyle Melton’s Lessons from the Mental Hospital Ted Talk

Brené Brown

I’ve dubbed year 38 my year of self-help. The universe seems to provide and in the thick of a whole bunch of muck, I found Brené Brown. Her research on shame led her to speak and publish on vulnerability. Her message, combined with her Texas twang, really resonates with me and where I am in my journey.

For the creatives who dare to put themselves out there:

For those of us who want to live wholeheartedly:

Made Up Japanese Soup

One time we had this amazing dish at Boom Noodle in Seattle. It was a dashi with salmon, rice and some veggies. My friend Takuya told me it is the Japanese version of chicken noodle soup. It was so simple and delicious and one of those meals I still dream about today.


My version is a tamari, fish sauce, ginger and garlic soup base served over sushi rice, tuna, kale, carrots and green onions. Any virus headed my way just got the slap down.

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Lily the Pink. Best. Camp. Song. Ever.

This is my favorite camp song ever. The kids wanted to hear all the songs I know on  a drive home the other night. I only know the chorus and a verse or two to Lily the Pink but it is still my favorite. I looked up the lyrics online and combined a few versions to get closest to the camp version I recognize. Lyrics are below. And after that, watch that amazing (yes, AMAZING) video of those guys singing Lily the Pink. It’s the kinda thing you can’t unsee.

We’ll drink a drink a drink
To lily the pink the pink the pink
The saviour of our human race
For she invented, medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case

Mr freers had sticky out ears
And it made him awful shy
And so they gave him medicinal compound
And now he’s learning how to fly

Brother Tony was notably bony
He would never eat his meals
And so they gave him medicinal compound
Now they move him round on wheels

We’ll drink a drink a drink
To lily the pink the pink the pink
The saviour of the human race
For she invented medicinal compound
Mosr efficacious in every case

Old Ebenezer thought he was Julius Caesar
And so they put him in a home
Where they gave him medicnal compound
And now he’s emporor of Rome

Jonny Hammer, had a terrible st st st st stammer
He could hardly sssay a word
And so they gave him medicinal compound
Now’s he’s seen, but never heard


Aunty Milly ran willy nilly
When her legs they did recede
So they looked on medicinal compound
Now they call her milipede

Jennifer Eccles, had terrible freckles
And the boys all called her names
But they gave her medicinal compound
Now he joins in all the games


Lily the pink she turned to drink
She filled up with parafin inside
And despite her medicinal compound
Sadly Lily the pink she died

Up to heaven her soul ascended
All the church bells they did ring
She took with her medicinal compound
Hark the herald angels sing


Eat Awesome

I’m always on the hunt for recipes, cookbooks, food blogs, etc. that focus on healthy eating. It has been a year since I stopped eating gluten and recently the wife has decided she wants to cut the meat. So the last few weeks have been 100% meat and gluten free. I’m pretty good at hacking a recipe but sometimes I just feel stumped.

I was pretty excited to get an email for this book in my inbox.


This is a vegan cookbook and relies heavily on nutritional yeast, one of my least favorite tastes. But I can already see how I can change a few things up for some new dinners and kid lunches. It also has a handy pantry guide, which makes quick meals so much easier to pull together.

You can get it here for real cheap.

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